About us

The 3300 BCR (Bhai Kanhaiya) Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps (RCACC) of Surrey is Canada’s first cadet corps sponsored by the Sikh community; with more than 70 cadets on parade regularly throughout the training year, making it one of Canada’s fastest growing Army Cadet Corps in BC.  It was founded in November 2012 with a program that includes Sikh culture and traditions and is open to all youth who are interested to join. 

Origin of the name Bhai Kanhaiya: a Sikh renowned for practicing Sewa or acts of selfless service during his life (1648-1718), is incorporated in the name of this corps.  During the Battle of Anandpur in 1704, Bhai Kanhaiya helped the wounded on both sides and later continued his spirit of generosity toward people regardless of religion, nationality, colour, caste, or creed.  He is considered a forerunner of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

Cadets and officers of the 3300 RCACC embrace this idea of Sewa and feel it is reflected well in the values taught and learned in the Army Cadet program.